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I was formatting a few units — I’m still using hard drives, not yet a diskless practitioner — and as I was installing games, I noticed that I’m reinstalling just a handful of popular internet cafe games. I downloaded Garena and Steam, copied a few “all time faves” like Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 (optional and I’m leaning towards removing these 2), reinstalled Apex Legends and Rules of Survival, and Chrome. DONE!

Ragnarok Online — You gave me years of Internet Cafe bliss. Every day, a full house of raving gamers.

This was a far cry when I was installing / reinstalling more than a dozen games and software. Just take a gander on a quick list that I compiled below.

Popular Internet Cafe Games circa 2000

  1. Ragnarok
  2. FLYFF
  3. Counterstrike 1.3
  4. Counterstrike 1.6
  5. Warcraft 1.20 (Battlenet)
  6. GTA 3
  7. GTA Vice City
  8. Maplestory (But this is more browser-based)
  9. Rose Online
  10. Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge
  11. Red Alert 3
  12. Diablo 2
  13. Lord of the Rings
  14. Battle Realms

I’m sure I’m missing a few games. Then there’s Yahoo Messenger — I still can’t believe that THIS fell off the Earth, it was so popular back then.

WINAMP was a staple in EVERY computer before streaming music killed it

I also install WINAMP to play music, Playstation 1 emulators (I actually used PS1 CDs and play it through the computer’s CD drive), Microsoft Word and Excel, Limewire, and….. my memory fails me, I sure there are more — if there are some old school readers out there, maybe you can comment below any software or game that was popular back in late 90s or early 2000.

Back then, the number of games and software available as a badge of honor for Internet Cafes and somewhat a necessity. If you have ALL the games and popular software available, then there is little chance to miss out on a customer who happens to pass by looking for some Battle Realms action or was itching to play Counterstrike 1.6 (not 1.3). It’s better to have a ton of games so you can serve every customer.

Now, I only install a few gaming platforms, Chrome, and a few standalone games — and I’m pretty sure I can cover every customer need.

These gaming platforms are heaven sent

My Go To Games & Software in 2019

  1. Steam – DOTA 2, Black Squad (a FREE, kickass FPS), Counterstrike: Global Offensive, I installed PUBG (shared my account to the players for them to try before they purchase their own account)
  2. Garena – League of Legends and PUBG Lite (Sorry Heroes of Newerth 🙁 ).
  3. Rules of Survival
  4. Apex Legends
  5. Chrome – Roblox, Youtube, Internet Radio, Facebook, browser-based games, Google Docs (Needed some coercing for customers to use this instead of Microsoft).

What’s interesting to note is that all those games and software (aside from Steam’s PUBG) are FREE. You don’t need to buy (or crack) games and software — by the way, cracking games may seem COMMON but it is illegal and I highly advise against it.

Reinstalling everything can put a strain on your Internet Connectivity since many of these games are meaty-big in sizes. League of Legends and DOTA 2 may weigh in at about 10GB+ each, Apex Legends is around 20GB and Rules of Survival at about 8GB. You can save on bandwidth by copying the games from one working computer and just redirect to the copied folders.

It’s now easier, more than ever, to operate and troubleshoot an Internet Cafe. It’s easier to install games, you only need a few, and all are available to download for free. You can also set up a Windows 10 USB installer.

So the next time you need to reformat a computer or you bought a new one, DIY the installation even if you are a complete newbie. I mean, what can go wrong? You can’t “Brick” a desktop computer. So give it a go and you might be surprised how easy it is.

Send me an email if you need help!

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