Internet Cafe Business Daily Life (and Challenges) pt.1

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A Strange but Daily Scene for Most Internet Cafes

If you’ve been in the internet cafe business as long as I have, you would see some pretty strange customer behavior. I’ll focus on one that’s been a constant challenge and source of amusement (and bewilderment). I don’t know if there’s a name for this behavior or the persons who exhibit it — but I fondly call these valued customers as “The Can’t Be Reasoned with, Loyal to a Fault Players”.

Cafe Players that belong to “The Can’t Be Reasoned With” Group

These are cafe players who insist on playing on the same computer unit every time. These people have an irrational and unbending belief that they will play better or will have a better experience when using his or her “favorite” computer. To better illustrate, I have commissioned a highly decorated artist to render this strange scenario on a medium that’s appropriate for my highly intelligent readers – a comic strip. Enjoy.

DIY Internet Cafe Business Comic Strip 1

My Non-Medical Psych Analysis

I interviewed a few other internet cafe business owners and true enough, they have a handful of loyal patrons who have their favorite units. These customers will wait for hours just to play on their fave computers. One of my regular players told me that he will be playing for at least 8 hours, so he would rather wait than play on another computer and risk being disappointed. So now, from a small sample size and my own personal assessment, I present my take on this matter.

1. The Fave Computer WAS INDEED Faster

The player’s assumption that their favorite computer performs faster than the other computers might be true even if all your computers have the same hardware specifications and operating software. This can happen in traditional setups where each computer has a hard disk.

An undetected virus, a sluggish OS, or multiple bad blocks on your HHD can make a computer slow and unresponsive. If a player had the misfortune of playing on one of your “plagued” computers, then had a better experience playing on one of your “normal” computers. They would think that “THIS” computer is the best of the lot.

2. The Computer is Located in a Cozy or Private Part of Your Cafe

In a crowded room, privacy and comfort is a premium. Like high-priced real estates, internet cafe seats located in corners, beside a wall or concealed by a post are prime locations. Sure, it’s nice to see what your teammates are doing during 5 vs 5 DOTA 2 matches but you would want a little privacy when looking at your Facebook or watching ASMR videos on YouTube.

3. The Player is a Superstitious Stiff

Some players, well maybe most, have various superstitious beliefs and this actually cuts across all sports. Basketplayers have a routine before taking a free throw and they wear headbands upside down, heck even Michael Jordan wore North Carolina shorts (his college team) underneath his Chicago Bulls shorts (his NBA team) in every game.

Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty with his lucky tiger

In eSports, Johnathan Wendel or better known as Fatal1ty, was the very first egamer who achieved superstar success and fame. The ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Motherboard Series is inspired by Johnathan Wendel’s success, influence, and place in gaming history. Whenever he plays Quake professionally, he would place his toy tiger plush doll on top of the CRT screen. This doll is his good luck charm and has become his trademark which obviously worked well for him.

So maybe, your very selective customer feels that their favorite spot brings them luck and moving to another computer will snuff out all their leet skillz.

4. They Optimized Their Game Accounts on Their Fave Computer

This goes back to the Counterstrike 1.3 days where small increments in jump distance, crosshairs, and side to side movements can really affect gameplay. Some would create custom spray paint and save the file on their fave computer.

Even Steam games need some in-game configurations and a player who stays on one computer exclusively won’t need to tinker with the settings every time a game starts. Some players want to play full screen, others play on window mode. These little nuances can pile up and a player will refuse to play on another computer because of the personal tweaks and biases invested on a single computer.

Effect on Your Internet Cafe Business

This is not really a problem and truth be told, we adore these players because they are loyal customers. They had to be playing a ton of hours before they build familiarity with a certain computer or seat to designate it as their favorite.

So it’s not really a deal-breaker, unless, like in the comic strip above – they ALL want to play on just ONE computer. If this is the case, you may want to audit your current hardware and software. It could be time for an upgrade or maybe try some of these hacks..and these hacks to speed up your computers.

Do you have this type of player in your stable of customers? What’s your take or observation? I would really love to know your inputs so please comment below or shoot me an email at or PM me at

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